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Rinse & rep
In this 5-day design incubator we will tackle the chal-
lenge of designing services for refugees in Belgium.
The problematic is obvious and ever so present, but
can design really impact such a daunting task? This
workshop drives ideation, trying to find out how farwe
can go.
Each day we will follow the same four steps, highlight-
ing a different theme. In the morning, we’ll get in-
spired by the theme of that day. Next we’ll explore the
theme by implementing a series of design thinking and
doing exercises focused on radically different con-
cepts. In the afternoon, small teams will own an idea
and use rapid prototyping to make it come to life, test-
ing it out in the real world. All teams share their exper-
iment at the end of the day before we’ll go home, rinse
ourminds and repeat the same steps the next day.
At the end of the week, we can showcase a diary using
all the video material that has been collected through-
out the week. It will showcase what you as a creative
can achieve in just one day, when you are given the op-
portunity to create without boundaries.
The Good
better together tomorrow
For this workshop, we invite students of University
of Antwerp to explore and respond to cross-genera-
tional challenges of modern home living whether
that is because people are too close or too far.
Some themes that students may choose to respond
· How does an ageing population relate to space and
real estate?
· How is healthcare integrated into home life and
habits environment beyond elderly ‘surveillance’?
· What can we learn from different cultures and fam-
ily structures?
· How do people’s changing attachments to their be-
longings change across generations with more digi-
tal crutches and tools?
· How does the idea of heirloom change when family
members live more and more apart?
The expected outcome of this workshop are concep-
tual products, services or interactions which we
hope to showcase in a public setting open to the
broader community.
Depending on the student’s skills or interest, this
can result in scale models, prototypes, video’s or
Examples of the challenges are included here:
Fjord Paris
Yalenka Mariën
is a Service and
Interaction Designer at Fjord, an
international service design agency
with twenty-two international
studios. She joined Fjord Paris after
finishing her Product Development
master degree in Antwerp two years
ago. Her passion for service design
grew during her student internships
for Studio Dott and Before the Wave.
Her thesis, Voxi, is a service
designed for the Flemish
government to support people with
communication disabilities. She
always strives to involve real people
throughout every design project. At
Fjord, Yalenka has gained
experience in organizing and
facilitating big co-creation sessions.
As designing for social impact is
close to her heart, she couldn’t resist
to grasp the opportunity to host a
workshop at the International
Workshop week.
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
an interaction designer, product
designer, entrepreneur based in
She was named 1st in a list of 100
Internet of Things Influencers
(Postscapes, 2016), 2nd in Top 100
Internet of Things Thought Leaders
(Onalytica, 2014) and in the Top 100
Influencial Tech Women on Twitter
(Business Insider, 2014).
She is the founder of the Good Night
Lamp, connected lamps for your
global friends and family.
She is also the Director of
designswarm a strategic consultancy
focusing on the internet of things.
Some of her clients include BBC
R&D, P&G, British Gas, EDF R&D and
Nominet, British Telecom and
She was co-founder and CEO of
Tinker London, a smart product
design studio. Tinker was the first
distributor of the Arduino platform
in the UK.
She has been running the London
Internet of Things meetup since
2011, the second largest meetup on
that topic in the world.
She is part of the Mozilla Leadership
Network Advisory Group on the
board of the Virt-EU project and an
advisor to many startups.
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