16 In semester 2, choose one module out of A. Commercial Transactions and Disputes AC International Commercial Transactions 6 AC Dispute Settlement 6 Harmonised Private Law 3 International Insolvency Law 3 B. European Constitutionalism and Fundamental Rights AC Constitutional Law of the European Union 6 AC Institutional Dynamics in Multilevel Constitutionalism 6 Comparative Federalism 3 European Fundamental Rights Law 3 C. Sustainable Development and Global Justice AC International Law and Sustainable Development 6 AC Human Rights and Global Justice 6 Law and the Ecological Crises 3 Law and the Global Economic Governance of Development 3 D. Mobility window(semester abroad) Master’s Project II ECTS credits 18 Master Thesis Open space ECTS credits 6 Choose one or two courses for a total of 6 ECTS credits from a list of elective courses or alternatives, such as an internship, moot court, summer or winter course. Please refer to for detailed information. Total ECTS credits 120