15 C. Sustainable Development and Global Justice AC International Law and Sustainable Development 6 AC Human Rights and Global Justice 6 Law and the Ecological Crises 3 Law and the Global Economic Governance of Development 3 Master’s Project I ECTS credits 12 Legal Clinic 9 Research Proposal 3 Year 2 In addition to your Master’s Project part II and 1 or 2 ‘open space’ elective(s) you choose two modules, one for each semester. Alternatively, you can subsitute one of your modules by a semester abroad. 2 (compulsory) Modules ECTS credits 36 In semester 1, choose one module out of A. Commercial Transactions: Rights and Governance AC European Economic Regulation 6 AC International Trade and Investment Law 6 European, International and Comparative Intellectual Property Law 3 International Mergers and Acquisitions 3 B. Diversity and Law AC Genders, Sexualities and the Law 6 AC The Inclusive, Sustainable City and Law 6 International and European Immigration and Asylum Law 3 Legal Issues of International Employment 3 C. Mobility window (semester abroad)