11 Over a period of two years you will learn to work independently on your Master’s dissertation, deepening your expertise in the selected topic and developing your research skills. Your dissertation is related to one of the modules; the legal clinic that you follow is also aligned to that module. An overview of our legal clinic partners is available on page 12. You will write the dissertation under the supervision of a professor specialised in the subject matter, after your research proposal is accepted during the second semester of your first Master’s year, and you will defend the dissertation at the end of the second Master’s year. In the second and final year of the programme, you will have the opportunity to study abroad for one semester at one of our partner universities, within or outside Europe. Every module in the Master of Laws has a number of privileged partners that offer courses complementary to the UAntwerp modules. This will allow you to experience a different international environment, and perhaps a different approach to law, legal education and legal science. You may find a list of our partner universities on page 12 and 13.