10 encouraged to consider various strategies to Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), which will include the international context and different types of agreements. Within the module ‘Commercial Transactions & Disputes’ you will focus on the different approaches of and on the law applicable to commercial transactions. You will learn about the extent to which parties can navigate between legal systems, with respect to both substantive law and dispute settlement. You will tackle dispute settlement questions, such as: Should parties opt for court proceedings, arbitration or mediation and what are the consequences of these choices? You will consider what the international effect of the resulting judgment, award or agreement is. You will consider the methods and potential of private and business law harmonisation at a European and international level. The focus will be on key domains of private law such as contract law and consumer law. You will examine international insolvency, including the question of enterprises that have assets in different countries and the insolvency of enterprise groups that are active in various countries. The programme offers you an ‘open space’ of 6 ECTS credits. In this space you can choose from a wide range of electives or interdisciplinary courses or seminars. Alternatively, you can participate in a winter or summer school, a moot court competition, or you can apply for an internship through one of our partnerships with international organisations or law firms in Switzerland, India or Peru and gain critical experience in the field of human rights. A placement or internship of your choice is also an option.