8 in addition to class participation. Guest lecturers are common in both advanced and basic courses. And lastly, our lecturers are available for further explanation and feedback and are always happy to assist their students. Within the module ‘Sustainable Development and Global Justice’ you will undertake a post-colonial analysis of public international law by looking at the current role of the United Nations in the global development architecture, with attention to international environmental law and development. You will learn about human rights law with a focus on the Global South while revisiting this field from a developmental perspective, and study a number of cross-cutting issues in order to demonstrate the links and complexities that weave together the three development policy regimes of aid, trade and investment. The module ‘European Constitutionalism and Fundamental Rights’ gives you the opportunity to study the institutions and the instruments of EU governance specifically from a perspective of multilevel governance with a sharp focus on multilevel constitutionalism and on the basis of concrete cases. You will focus on federal and quasi-federal systems, based on indicators that allow useful comparison of multi-