Master of Laws

16 Why choose UAntwerp The University of Antwerp is progressive, open-minded, diverse and transparent. It has a cosmopolitan nature on a human scale. Our students and staff are socially committed and future-minded. We offer internationally accredited education with a personal approach towards students. We are strong in competitive research with social impact. Internationalisation is one of the keywords in our mission statement. It is no coincidence that the University of Antwerp is a partner in one of the most promising European University Networks, the Young Universities for the Future of Europe ( Our university is located in the city of Antwerp, in the heart of Belgium and Europe. The port of Antwerp is one of the biggest in the world. The city of Antwerp is not just an ancient medieval and baroque city, full of history. It is also a bustling metropolis with a vibrant social scene, impressive architecture and cultural contrasts. Over 170 nationalities live here, more than in New York! This cosmopolitan nature is also reflected at the University of Antwerp. UAntwerp, founded in 2003, scores extremely well in Young University Rankings Our two-year LLM-programme is the cream of the crop in our law school. It hosts a nice blend of international and local students and staff, who benefit from close collaboration in a small college. Professor Frederik Swennen, Dean of the Law School