Antwerp Summer and Winter University 17 Cost of living Antwerp is an affordable alternative to many other European cities. Tuition fees, and what is included in these fees, vary between summer and winter schools. In general, all course materials, coffee breaks and social programme activities are included in the tuition fee. Students receive a discounted price at student restaurants. All participants are insured for third party liability and accidents during summer or winter school activities. Additional insurances (e.g. health and travel), as well as travel costs are the participant’s own responsibility. Facilities at the university Accepted students will have access to computer labs, libraries, Wi-Fi networks and the discounted prices of the university’s catering facilities. For a detailed simulation, please visit our website > Your stay at UAntwerp > Cost of living Accommodation Looking for accommodation during your stay at Antwerp Summer and Winter University? Antwerp has many different accommodation options to offer, ranging from student rooms over youth hostels to classic hotel rooms. Accepted students will be provided with a list of housing options in different price categories and at different locations. For some summer and winter schools, accommodation is included in the package. Student rooms at a university residency can be booked through the university’s International Student Housing Office at