16 Antwerp Summer and Winter University Getting to Antwerp Antwerp is located in the centre of Belgium and is easily accessible by plane, train, car and bus. The international airport of Brussels (Brussels Airport (BRU)) is the most frequently used gateway to Antwerp, but you might also want to consider the low-cost airport of Brussels South Charleroi (CRL) or the very nearby airport of Antwerp (ANR) itself. Antwerp is also very easy to reach by train. International railway lines link Brussels and Antwerp to several other major European cities. Lastly, international buses also frequent the city centre of Antwerp, which might be the cheapest option to get here. Getting around The University of Antwerp has 4 campuses located in the city centre as well as in the the outskirts of Antwerp. Most programmes will take place on or near the Stadscampus. The easiest and fastest way to get around the city is on a bicycle, although a dense network of public transportation also allows you to travel by bus or tram. Did you know that Antwerp Central Station was voted most beautiful railway station in the world by New York’s Mashable in 2014?