Master of Laws

6 Choosing the LL.M. was the best decision I have ever made. It offers an excellent balance between theory and practice, and while working together with other students your English improves a lot. You can also choose between specific modules, so you can do what interests you. Provided you meet the criteria, you can become a student researcher within one of the faculty’s research groups for the duration of the programme. This position is aimed at allowing you to better understand the possibilities of an academic career, meet other junior and senior researchers at the faculty, and participate in academic events (e.g. conferences, seminars, workshops or informal events). Ideally, this position enables you to prepare a funding application for a PhD fellowship. However, the skills and attitudes you will develop as a prospective researcher may be useful for any professional career. Visiting researchers and internationally renowned speakers are frequently invited to the faculty. Our students are welcome to attend faculty lectures, courses and seminars given by these researchers. In this context the UAntwerp Faculty of Law offers you a globally linked, locally embedded ‘metropolitan law faculty’, building on its tradition of strong research and already established networks. A metropolitan law faculty that engages with its diverse urban surrounding and its location in a global economic landscape. A metropolitan law faculty that responds to societal challenges at the domestic, European, and global level. And finally, a metropolitan law faculty that trains lawyers with skills to operate in a changing and global society.