Master of Laws

12 Curriculum Year 1 On top of the mandatory courses (1st semester) you choose one module (2nd semester). You also start with the first part of your Master’s Project. Please refer to the course catalogue for detailed information. Mandatory courses ECTS credits 30 Substantive courses Law of the European Union 6 Public International Law and International Enforcement 6 Constitutional Principles and Human Rights 3 Private International Law 3 Methodological courses Legal Research Methodology 3 Empirical Research Methods in Law 3 Academic Writing, Oral and Communication Skills 3 Global Legal Systems 3 1 (compulsory) Module ECTS credits 18 In the 2nd semester, choose one module out of A. Commercial Transactions and Disputes AC International Commercial Transactions 6 AC Dispute Settlement 6 Harmonised Private Law 3 International Insolvency Law 3 B. European Constitutionalism and Fundamental Rights AC Constitutional Law of the European Union 6 AC Institutional Dynamics in Multilevel Constitutionalism 6 Comparative Federalism 3 European Fundamental Rights Law 3 Our competenceoriented approach comprises internships and legal clinics, in which students function very well thanks to our focus on methodological skills. Professor Frederik Swennen, dean of the Law School