IDW 2024

13 12 #5 Specula rasa by Anna Maragkoudaki Students are invited to speculate on unconventional methods of providing bodily support in nonhorizontal positions. They will craft bespoke apparatuses for ‘sitting’ that serve as channels for self expression and embodiment. The underlying premise is that a sense of disconnection from oneself arises from confining the body within standardized structures that neglect individualistic needs for movement and expression. By transcending the conventional notion of functional seating and deconstructing the act of sitting, our aim is to reimagine personal devices. These creations stand in opposition to the one-size-fits-all approach, not seeking external validation but personal satisfaction, attuned to the distinct emotions of our physiology. Viewed through this lens, these objects emerge as poetic manifestations of the body. Over the course of the workshop, students will engage with diverse plateaus. On the initial day, we will delve into the regulation of bodily dynamics through furniture. This exploration will involve identifying paradigms, examining documented experiments, and studying cultural norms across different societies. By discovering the postures that resonate with our individual physiologies, we will establish the foundational design principles for our apparatuses. These will be documented in 3D point cloud scans. Each student will utilize this scan as the starting point of their design. Moving into the design phase on day two, students will concentrate on crafting individual objects and conceiving their possible, if any, spatial interconnections and synergies. Days three and four will transition into the fabrication phase. On the final day, we will evaluate our outcomes, share reflections, and document our collective endeavors. The workshop will employ accessible materials, such as foam and wood. Additionally, repurposed chairs or stools can be modified to serve as a foundation for the design. The finished geometries will be coated with papier-mâché and resin.