ConNext 2023

3 19:00-19:20 KEYNOTE BY MOUNIR BOUCHENAKI Assistant Director-General for Culture, UNESCO 19:20-19:40 KEYNOTE BY NADINE THIEL AND CHRISTIANE HOFFRATH Historisches Archiv der Stadt Köln and University of Cologne 19:40-19:50 Q&A 19:50-20:00 BREAK 20:00-20:15 Katja Schüller (TH Köln – CICS) [PAPER] Conservation of a Flood Damaged Object with Coloured Coatings. 20:15-20:30 Mario Sebastian Wolter (TH Köln – CICS) [PAPER] Twhoeo dmeenc ho ab nj ei cc ta l– rTe hmeorveasl t oo fr as et idoinmoefnat fsllouoddg-ed oa mn pa ga epde rt rf ruangkmf reonmt s o f a Ahrweiler. 20:30-20:35 Emmeline Verheij (UAntwerp) [POSTER] Aofssdeoscsuinmgetnhtearbyiohreermitaegdeia. tion properties of BioORG for the preservation 20:35-20:50 Josipa Vodopika (UoD) [PAPER] Cofosnusmermvaetriovnil-lraeSstkoorčaitbiuohnat.reatments on the lady's table from the library 20:50-21:00 Q&A AND CLOSING REMARKS Programme Session 1