ConNext 2023

Contents SESSION 1 – DISASTER RECOVERY PAGE PROGRAMME 3 Katja Schüller (TH Köln – CICS) – Conservation of a Flood Damaged Object with Coloured Coatings. 4-5 Mario Sebastian Wolter (TH Köln – CICS) – The mechanical removal of sfleodoidm-denamt salgueddgetrounnkpafproemr frAahgrmweeniltesro. f a wooden object – The restoration of a 6-7 Emmeline Verheij (UAntwerp) – Assessing the bioremediation properties of BioORG for the preservation of documentary heritage. 8-9 Josipa Vodopika (UoD) – Conservation-restoration treatments on the lady's table from the library of summer villa Skočibuha. 10-11 SESSION 2 – UNDERSTANDING AND TREATING WOODEN SUPPORTS PROGRAMME 15 Marta Mandić (UoD) – Conservation-restoration of an overpainted 18th- century neoclassical cantilever mirror frame. 16-17 Désirée Kosel (FHP) – Under Pressure: Applying vacuum pressing for the restoration of a baroque tabletop split in two and warped. 18-19 Maria Mafalda (IPT) – Loss Compensation: A comparative study of materials for volumetric reconstruction. 20-21 Ana Fonseca (IPT) – A pedagogical suitcase for wood sculpture. 22-23