ConNext 2023

Introduction For the third time we are delighted to announce the Conservation for the Next Generation SC toundseenr vt aCtoi onnf e ar enndc eR, eosrt oCr oa nt iNo ne x st t 2u 0d 2e n3 t. sC oa nn Nd eexat r pl yr ocvai rdeeesr apnr oi nf et es rs ni oant iaol sn atlo psl ahtaf roer mt h feoi rr irnennoovwantievdekiedyenaostaensdpefainkdeirnsg. s in several short evening sessions that are preceded by FJ uosrt Cl iokneNl ae sx tt y2 e0a2r3 w, wi teh aAr ne at hBriidl laerdr at of raonmn otuhne cPe osloy mt e ec hnneiwc sI nasbt oi tuutt et hoef CToonmNaerx (t Pi no irttiua gt iavle) ,. we proudly welcome three new institutions to the ConNext family: (1) the University of Dubrovnik (Croatia) with Joško Bogdanović, (2) the Institut National du Patrimoine (France) with Amélie Méthivier and Pauline Chassaing, (3) and the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre (Belgium) with Marie Postec and Francisco Mederos-Henry. Wi n si tt hi t ut ht eess, et hn ue ws apma rbtint ieorusshl iyp sf u, Cr tohneNr ienxgt iht as s ggoraol wonf bi trsi npgairntgn etro-gneetthwe or r Ck otnos e1 r1v aEtui or onp ae na nd RThesetoortahteironnestwusdeisnttsh, aytotuhneg CporonfNeesxsitocnoanlsc,eapntdhiansstmituattuesr.ed to an elective course at the Ui nn itvheer soi tryg ao nf iAs na tt wi o enrapl , awshpeercet ss t ou fd eonr tgsa anri se i gn igv ean tcho en foepr pe no rc teu. nWi t ye t ow ga er mt al cyt i wv eel lyc oi nmv eo l vt eh de devoted contributions of Emmeline Verheij (Master student, University of Antwerp) and Aspasia Kopsida (Advanced Professional Programme-student, University of Amsterdam). Wt h ee ier x ftierns dt - ho aunr dd ekenpoews tl ae pd pg er e cainadt i oenx tpoe railel nk ceeysn owt ei tshp et ahkee rCsofnoNr et hx te i rc owmi lml i nugnni teys:s t o s h a r e Mounir Bouchenaki, special Advisor to UNESCO for Cultural Heritage, Nadine Thiel (Historisches Archiv der Stadt Köln) and Christiane Hoffrath (University of Cologne), Shane Wiechnik (freelance conservator, Studio Conservation), Nanke Schellmann, (independent conservator and materials scientist), and Emmanuelle Mercier, Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA), Brussels. WCoenNheoxpte2y0o2u3!join us for these passionate and inspirational sessions. See you all at The ConNext Team