Antwerp Summer and Winter University 13 Practical information Language of instruction English is the language of instruction for all programmes of Antwerp Summer and Winter University. As active participation is compulsory in all courses, English proficiency in reading, speaking and writing is required. Please visit or scan the QR-code for more information. Application procedure in 5 steps 1 Go to our website and click on the summer or winter school of your preference. 2 Open the online registration tool (Mobility Online). 3 Fill in your personal details, upload the required documents and complete the next steps. 4 Wait for approval of your application. 5 Pay the tuition fee within 10 days after approval to secure your spot. Scholarships and reduced fees University of Antwerp students are entitled to a refund of €150 after submitting a certificate of attendance to the Antwerp Summer and Winter University Office. Some courses offer scholarships or reduced tuition fees for specific target groups. Specific entry requirements, application deadlines and cancellation policies vary between programmes. Please check the website of the programme of your preference.